MINI Jumpstarter/Charger - WANNAHAVE
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Updated: 24-May-2024 14:57

MINI Jumpstarter/Charger - WANNAHAVE

Mini Jumpstarter/Charger - a device of genius
by Marc Vorgers

The MINI Jumpstarter/charger is a little device of great genius for the (classic) car owner. Not only will the device start your car (even Diesel cars) when the car-battery is nearly discharged, the device can be used for an array of car related purposes too. In vintage cars with without cigarette lighter or an 12V socket the device can be used to power the Sat-Nav, charge your phone or power an electric tire pump.

Furthermore the MINI Jumpstarter/Charger can be used to power and charge all sorts of electronic appliances at locations where no electric current is available or when you forgot to take the standard charger with you. The device will power 12V, 16V and 19V electronic devices and it features a fantastic capacity of 14000 mAh! A cable with a variety of connectors is included to connect the device to most telephones, tablets (including Iphone and Ipad - new and old) and laptops. The device has a build-in LED torch which may also become handy in the dark.

All accessories you see in the picture are included within the box. MINI Jumpstarter/Charger, Jumper cables, Sleeve with zipper, 110/220V charger (4 hours to charge the MINI Jumpstarter), 12V car socket charging cable, cable with diverse connectors.

Yours truly had adopted the device as part of his photography and test drive kit for Classicar Garage. A highly recommended piece of convenience!

The MINI Jumpstarter/Charger can be purchased via our partner Imparts.

Price: Euro 195,-- including VAT excluding shipping.

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