Monaco Grand Prix 1929
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Updated: 17-April-2024 13:01

Monaco Grand Prix 1929

The 1929 Monaco Grand Prix was the first Grand Prix to be held in the streets of Monte Carlo. It was set up by a wealthy cigarette manufacturer, Antony Noghès, who had estasblished the Automobile Club de Monaco with some of his friends. On 14 April 1929 sixteen participants started this now famous race round-the-houses. The big Mercedes driven by Caracciola was a hot favourite but he was denied victory by William Grover-Williams who finished a spectacular first in his British Racing Green Bugatti T35B!

Finishing order:

1. William Grover-Williams (UK) Bugatti T35B (car 12)
2. Georges Bouriano (RO) Bugatti T35C (car 18)
3. Rudolf Caracciola (DE) Mercedes-Benz SSK (car 34)
4. Georges Philippe Bugatti (FR) T35C (car 14)
5. René Dreyfus (FR) Bugatti T37A (car 28)
6. Philippe Étancelin (FR) Bugatti T35C (car 4)
7. Mario Lepori (IT) Bugatti T35C (car 30)
8. Michel Doré Corre (FR) La Licorne (car 32)
9. France Louis Rigal (FR) Alfa Romeo 6C (car 24)

The presented 85 year old photographs are part of the CCG digital collection.
Photographer unknown. Also have a look at some orignal Pathe film material!

Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers