Porsche 924/928/944/968 and 911 Carrera 2.7 RS books by Glen Smale
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Updated: 17-April-2024 13:01

Porsche 924/928/944/968 and 911 Carrera 2.7 RS books by Glen Smale

BOOK #1 - Porsche 924/928/944/968 'the complete story' by Glen Smale

One of our favourite contemporary automotive writers has presented an excellent book on Porsche Transaxle cars: Porsche 924/928/944/968 'the complete story', published by The Crowood Press.

With his strong interest and passion for Porsche cars he previously wrote: Porsche The Carrera Dynasty (2006), Porsche 911 Scrapbook ‘The air-cooled cars’ (2008), Porsche 917 (2010).

With his new book Glen brings us the story of Porsche's front-engined, water-cooled transaxle cars. The Porsche 924, 928, 944 and 968 models. This very interesting book gives the reader the chance to get to know the cars and their creators inside and out. The book contains interviews with Porsche's key engineers, designers and modellers who worked on the cars in period. The book outlines the design processes and development work, detailing each model, and contains sections on the motor sport achievements of each model, as well as owners' views of their cars. In my opinion the most informative and best illustrated book on the subject of Porsche Transaxle cars; a must-read for any owner or enthusiast of these models.

The book can be purchased via many on-line resellers.
Information on the publishers’ website.

The book is available in hard cover and as E-book.
Hard cover: ISBN 9781785000393. Size 260 x 215 mm, 192 pages. 300 colour photographs.
E-book: ISBN 9781785000409 with the same contents in digital Apple iBook format

BOOK #2 - Performance Car series: Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS by Glen Smale

Another very interesting production by Glen Smale is an interactive E-book on the legendary Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7, published by Performance Car Publishing.

This E-book is the first title in the ‘Performance Car series’. It brings you loads of information about the creation, the design, the manufacture and the specifications of this legendary model directly from the people who conceived, engineered, and raced the cars in period. The information is accompanied by many original photographs, short embedded factory video clips, and sound clips of the original interviews. Want to know all ins-and-outs of the Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS without delving in voluminous books? This E-book offers the knowledge you so desperately need in condensed form. The only thing I personally would like to see is that Glen and the publisher add lists of chassis and engine numbers to the E-books in the ‘Performance Car series’. Ideal for reference purposes.

More information on Glen's blog Virtual Motorpix

The book is available as E-book via Apple.
E-book: ISBN: 9781519922687. 72 pages.

Reviews by Marc Vorgers.

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