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Updated: 17-April-2024 13:01


In co-operation with the American author John Nikas yours truly, Marc Vorgers of ClassicarGarage, presents a wonderful series of books about the iconic British sports cars. The books are published by Amberley Publishing in the United Kingdom. The first title in this series 'THE BIG HEALEYS' has recently been published. The beautifully made and finished paperback book contains 96 pages of make and model stories, detailed information, racing history, and many illustrations. Historic photographs and dozens of colour photos showing the 'Big Healey' models in detail will arouse your interest. All the colour photographs originate from the vast ClassicarGarage photo archives. On the accompanying pictures you will find a selection of the Austin Healey models of which you will find many details in the book!

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The big Healeys' book description

With their sleek and powerful looks, the big Austin-Healeys have always made an impression. In this revealing book, the author explores the development of the ʻBigʼ Healeys, as distinct from the smaller Austin-Healey Sprite, to produce a comprehensive and compelling account of one of the iconic British sports cars. After Donald Healeyʼs sports car design impressed the managing director of Austin, Leonard Lord, at the 1952 London Motor Show, Healey was given the engineering back-up that he needed to produce the car in quantity. Teaming up with Jensen Motors to produce the bodywork, Austin provided the mechanical components at their Longbridge factory. The new car was known as the Austin-Healey 100, because it could achieve 100 mph. This book also follows the development of the Austin-Healey 100-Six and the Austin-Healey 3000, describing both the technical developments and the achievements of the cars in competitions and as record-breakers.

"Every enthusiast of the marque should have this comprehensive review of the design and manufacture of the Big Healeys on their bookshelf, which reveals previously untold stories to tell you the real story of these magnificent vehicles and the men that made them possible."

Gerry Coker, Austin-Healey Designer.

In January 2018 the book 'The MG T Series - The Sports Cars the World Loved First' was published. Later this year the following titles will be available: 'The Jaguar XKs - The Pacesetters from Coventry' and 'The Triumph TR2 and TR4A - Setting the Sports Car Standard'.

Very truly yours,

Marc Vorgers

Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers