Overhaul of engines and other components
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Updated: 15-July-2024 14:47

Overhaul of engines and other components

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In the overhaul shop of Classic Job one can admire a large diversity of projects. The skilled craftsmen overhaul and rebuild engines, gearboxes, rear-axles, carburettors and other mechanical parts of a wide variety of vintage and classic car marques and models. In this photo reportage we present a selection of projects which are in the works at a normal working day.
First you see a 1901 Darracq 1-cylinder engine which is being fully overhauled. For this engine many parts had to be handcrafted in the workshop. New parts had to be turned and (sand)casted. Secondly you see a fully rebuilt Citroën DS 21 DX3 engine. This engine looks shinier than original, the owner preferred to see polished parts on his engine. Then you see a pre-war six-cylinder Meadows engine which belongs to a 4.5 litre Invicta. The engine block was fully overhauled and, in the photos, you see one of the mechanics working on the cylinder head. Then you see pictures of parts belonging to a Facel Vega FV4; the cylinder head and the gearbox. The engine is being overhauled and work on the gearbox is finished. The following pictures present a MG TB XPAG four-cylinder engine in the process of overhaul and the engine finished and ready to be delivered to the owner. The MG TB engine was also tuned by Classic Job. The engine was given a higher compression ratio, bigger valves were fitted, and a ‘faster’ camshaft was fitted. All this resulted in a power output of about 85 bhp. The last engine in this presentation is also ready for delivery to its proud owner. This is a very special Fiat Abarth unit which was also fully overhauled and tuned.

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