Talbot lago T26 Record Surprofilé 1952 Restoration
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Updated: 22-May-2024 13:11

Talbot lago T26 Record Surprofilé 1952 Restoration

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This fantastic 1952 Talbot lago T26 Record Surprofilé is being fully restored and overhauled by Classic Job. This photo report started after the chassis was already restored and rebuilt. You can see the very original bodywork on the restored chassis. (Only some parts of sheet metal and some parts of the wood frame had to be renewed). The bodywork was smoothened, primed, and painted. The engine and the gearbox were fully overhauled by Classic Job and were mounted back into the chassis. Currently the automobile is being rebuilt. The chrome ‘brightwork’ was re-chromed to perfection, the front bumper is smooth like a glass mirror. The organic shaped metal dashboard was finished with ‘faux wood’ paintwork as original. The exterior detailing is almost completed, the head lamps must be fitted, and new wheels and tires fitted. Next, the interior will be newly upholstered.

To be continued.

Technical data*

Six cylinder in-line engine (OHV)
cylinder capacity: 2969 cc
induction: 1 x Zenith carburettor
capacity: 100 bhp at 4500 rpm
gearbox: 4-speed, preselector, half-automatic
brakes: drum brakes all round
weight: 1720 kg.

*Source: Catalogue of British Cars 1895 - 1975, Cushaw & Horrobin

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