Fiat 6C 1500 B cabriolet 2 2 Ghia 1947 Restoration
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Updated: 15-July-2024 14:47

Fiat 6C 1500 B cabriolet 2+2 Ghia 1947 Restoration

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This amazing and unique Fiat 6C 1500 B convertible 2+2 Ghia from 1947 is being completely restored to its original glory by S2 Classic Cars. The sheet metal has been well preserved over the years but needs to be repaired in several places. The woodwork in the windshield pillar and the A-pillars has been newly customized by a partner woodworker. This unique Fiat 6C 1500 B with chassis number 1500B-039919 and engine number 1500B-041127 was transferred by body builder Ghia to the Fiat car dealer Renato Bornigia in Rome on February 11, 1947. The color of the car was hazelnut brown metallic combined with green leather upholstery and a beige hood. The car was delivered with an Autovox 2 shortwave radio and Veglia dashboard gauges, and a steering wheel from Giordano from Turin. The car was shown by Ghia at the 4th concours d'élégance of Sanremo on May 11 and 12, 1947, alongside a convertible in light green metallic with beige upholstery. A few weeks later, Bornigia sold the convertible to Mrs. Mimosa Pignatari from Rome, born Mimosa Parodi Delfino. She was a member of the Roman aristocracy, daughter of Prince Leopoldo Parodi Delfino, senator of the Italian kingdom. Mimosa Pignatari entered the car for the I Pincio Park concours d'élégance, which was held on June 21, 1947. This Fiat 6C 1500 B convertible with Ghia bodywork won the class (vetture fuoriserie trasformabili fino a 1500cc) and the 3rd prize in the general classification behind a Fiat 6C1500 coupé special with Pininfarina bodywork and an Alfa Romeo 6C2500 convertible with Bertone bodywork.

On this page you can follow the restoration of this unique automobile.
To be continued.

S2CC 2402

The Fiat 6C 1500 was introduced at the Milan motorshow in 1935. The car was an outstanding example of modern aerodynamic body design. The body was the result of wind tunnel experiments. The Fiat 6C 1500 featured a tubular backbone frame with Dubonnet type independent front suspension, known for its advanced engineering and roadholding capabilities.

The Fiat 6C 1500 B convertible 2+2 Ghia was a luxurious and stylish convertible produced by the Italian automaker Fiat in collaboration with the renowned coachbuilder Carrozzeria Ghia. The 2+2 designation indicated its seating capacity for four occupants. Carrozzeria Ghia was responsible for crafting the elegant bodywork, which featured smooth lines, a sleek profile, wheels hidden behind large aerodynamic covers and luxurious interior appointments. The Fiat 6C 1500 B convertible 2+2 Ghia represented the pinnacle of Italian automotive design and craftsmanship of its time. With only a handfull produced, the Fiat 6C 1500 B convertible 2+2 Ghia is a rare and coveted collector's item today, admired for its timeless design and historical significance in automotive history.

Technical data:

Six cylinder in-line engine (OHV)
cylinder capacity: 1493 cc
induction: 1 Weber carburettor
capacity: 45 bhp at 4400 rpm
torque: 76 Nm at 2300 rpm
top-speed: 71 mph / 115 km/h
acceleration 0-100 km/h: 43 seconds
gearbox: four speed manual (synchromesh on 3 and 4)
drive: rear wheel drive
brakes: hydraulic drum brakes around
weight: approx. 1200 kg.


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