Alvis Silver Eagle Special, 1934 - PROJECT
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Updated: 13-April-2021 14:51

Alvis Silver Eagle Special, 1934 - PROJECT

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This gorgeous 1934 Alvis Silver Eagle project is in the works at Altena Classic Service. The old bodywork proved to be beyond repair, so the owner decided to have a brand new special two-seater sports body made. The body shape was drawn-up and the bodywork was hand crafted and beaten from aluminium sheet, just like it was done in the old days, and the panels were fitted to a specially made ash frame. The chassis was stripped and restored. The suspension fully overhauled, and new drum brakes were made incorporating air-scoops and finned drums. A more powerful 3.5 Litre engine was sourced and overhauled. When all the parts were present and ready the car was fully built-up to check everything for a perfect fit. After that the car was stripped again and given a marvelous paint job! Currently the work on this magnificent Alvis Siver Eagle Special is nearing completion.

To be continued.

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