Porsche 911 ST conversion / restoration
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Updated: 22-May-2024 13:11

Porsche 911 ST conversion / restoration

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This fantastic Porsche 911 is being modified to Porsche 911 ST body specifications. The Porsche 911 ST is one of the rarest 911’s, only 24 were built for racing in 1970 and 1971. The 911 ST race cars were successfully raced on circuits around the globe and on Le Mans. This Porsche 911 is being modified to ST specifications for a client. The front and the rear wings have already been widened and the sunroof has been closed. As you can see in the photos, the sheet metal work was already carried out. After that the bodywork and panels were primed, smoothened and painted 'Minardi' yellow. Now the car is completed and looking fantastic! Everything looks perfectly brand new and the car drives and sounds superbly! This fine Porsche 911 ST is fitted with wide reproduction Fuchs alloy wheels. The 2.4 Litre S engine was fully rebuilt by Classic Job. Click here.

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