Volvo P1800 Jensen Restoration
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Updated: 15-July-2024 14:47

Volvo P1800 Jensen Restoration

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This Volvo P1800 Jensen bodywork was delivered to the workshop of Classic Job for restoration. The car was sold new in the USA. The Volvo P1800 Jensen is a very rare Volvo, only 6000 examples were built from 1960 until 1963. From 1963 the production was moved from the UK to Sweden and the car was named Volvo 1800 S (Sverige). After the last owner no longer saw any use for the P1800 many decades ago, the car was left alone in an unfriendly and moist environment for many years. The metal of the bodywork shows the typical rust of dilapidation under the open sky attacked by rain, sun, and heat. The surface of the metal shows spots everywhere, and places where water got trapped are rusted through. As you can see in the photo report, much of the sheet metal from the waist down was renewed. After the sheet metal job was done the body was dipped in a special bath to remove all dust and dirt. Then the bodywork was given a black KTL coating (E-coat) in a special electrostatic paint bath process in where a special primer covers all the surfaces and seams of the metal bodywork in a corrosion proof base coating. This coating also finds its way to all the hollow spaces of the bodywork which can not be reached with standard painting processes. With the KTL coating applied the outside of the body was given a layer of epoxy spray putty. The putty will be sanded down to smoothen out the remaining tiny spots. The next steps will be smoothening of the entire bodywork, the application of primer, and the final paintwork.

To be continued.

The Volvo P 1800 is undoubtedly the most elegantly, exquisitely and dynamically designed Volvo of the twentieth century. The Volvo P 1800 was designed by Per Petterson who was employed at carrosseria Frua those days. The Volvo P 1800 came onto the market in 1961 as a coupé and was initially built at Jensen’s in England. The P1800 became world-famous for the series of "The Saint" in the 1960s, with Roger Moore as Simon Templar in the leading role. After building 6000 cars in 1963, production of the P 1800 was relocated to Sweden, and the car was then named the 1800 "S" (Sverige). In September 1969, the P1800 E came onto the market with a Bosch fuel injection system, a modified dashboard and had disc brakes all around. The P1800 ES estate /coupé came onto the market in 1971.

Technical data

four-cylinder Volvo B18 B engine
2 S.U. carburettors
cylinder capacity: 1780 cc.
capacity: 100 bhp.
gearbox: 4 speed+ overdrive
weight: 1070 kg.

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