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Updated: 16-March-2018 17:55



All photos, sounds, text and videos which are presented on the Classicargarage website are subject to copyright by Marc Vorgers unless explicitly stated otherwise. Also the website design, the use of colours and the graphic layout of the website are subject to copyright of Marc Vorgers. The photos on CLASSICAR GARAGE are visibly watermarked © Marc Vorgers and invisibly watermarked in the digital file.

Limited use of CLASSICAR GARAGE content
The website and the content of CLASSICAR GARAGE are made available by Marc Vorgers for private use. This personal use only implies watching, listening, reading and or printing the presented content in private circumstances at home or at work. This also includes sharing the content on social media. You may SHARE our postings to personal pages and groups with inclusion of the original links to our pages and CLASSICAR GARAGE.

Sharing via social media
Content (photo’s, sounds, text, videos) presented on CLASSICAR GARAGE may only be shared via the appropriate share buttons on the website, by copy/paste of the page url or by sharing our social media posts. All our content must retain a link with CLASSICAR GARAGE, website or social media page. Downloading and posting CLASSICAR GARAGE content under your own name (private or company) is strictly forbidden. Only the participating garages may upload our copyrighted material to selected websites (after approval of Marc Vorgers) and their own social media. Violation of these terms by people with public social media profiles will be handled via the appropriate channels offered by the social media platforms.
Violation of these terms by public social media pages or commercial pages will be addressed immediately with a warning to remove the copyrighted material. If necessary procecution follows.

Commercial use
Commercial use of copyrighted CLASSICAR GARAGE photos, text, sounds and videos is only allowed with written consent of CLASSICAR GARAGE, Marc Vorgers. A commercial license will then be agreed on. Unlicenced publications are traceable. CLASSICAR GARAGE will upon discovery of not licensed publications, also after many years, act by sending an invoice for the use of the material. CLASSICAR GARAGE will not hesitate to press legal charges to get financial compensation from the person or company infringing the CLASSICAR GARAGE / Marc Vorgers copyrights
Reproduction or distribution of any content presented on CLASSICAR GARGAGE without the knowledge of CLASSICAR GARAGE / Marc Vorgers is strictly forbidden.

The presented cars for sale and in the archives
CLASSICAR GARAGE rejects any responsibility concerning the cars presented on the website. CLASSICAR GARAGE only presents the cars thru the ‘art work’ presented as content on the website. The sales information presented with the cars is obtained from the sellers. CLASSICAR GARAGE reproduces the seller provided factual information. Issues and or claims concerning any presented car is the responsibility of the firm actually selling the car. Any remark or claim should therefore be addressed to the seller. Presented technical information is indicative and derived from several sources. The technical information on the website is standard for any make and type of car and may differ from reality.

All sales prices on CLASSICAR GARAGE are stated in Euro. Type errors and price changes are reserved. CLASSICAR GARAGE does not share price information of cars which are listed with ‘price on application’. POA prices can be obtained via E-mail or telephone from the sellers. All contact data of the sellers is presented below the sales information on the respective sales pages.